Connect with peace of mind.

You can call us for everything—the big things, the small things, the weird things,
the urgent things, the simple things, the complex things, the critical things, the
annoying things.

Let us take care of you.

Faster, easier, friendlier support for all the
technology in your life.



Computer Repair and Maintenance

If your hardware isn’t working, our team will optimize it and get it running fast and easy.


Upgrades and Installation

Whether you need to upgrade to the next operating system or install a new piece of software or accessory like a printer or webcam, we’ll walk you through the process and make it painless.


Wired and Wireless Networks

No matter how you’re connecting to the internet, we can ensure that your connection is safe, secure, and reliable.


…and all the other stuff!

From getting locked out of an account, to recovering your password, to figuring out how to get your system settings right—no tech questions is too small or too weird for our experts.


Virus Removal and Protection

If your device has been compromised, we can help you

Why choose KeepConnected?

Zero wait times.

No more waiting on hold, no more standing in line at the store—when you need support, we’re there for you immediately so that you can get your devices back up and running.

Someone you can trust.

No more dealing with different people from different companies—we want to get to know you so that we can give you the kind of personalized support that will meet your unique technology needs.

Straightforward guidance and advice.

No jargon, no complicated technical language—we speak in plain English so that you can understand exactly what we’re doing and how it’s going to help.

We cover all your support needs.

When we talk about “tech support” we mean more than just your laptop, mobile device, and printer—we can help you with your Alexa, Smart TV, and even connected appliances like thermostats.